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BeeSan Psychotherapy and Counselling Services in Edinburgh.

Welcome To

BeeSan Psychotherapy and Counselling Services is a psychotherapy and counselling centre offering clients individual therapy imbued with empathy, compassion and without any judgement in Edinburgh. We will meet you where you are and will guide you towards your healing.

About Me

Psychotherapy and Counselling Edinburgh

 Psychotherapy and Counselling Edinburgh and services provide time and space for you to talk about things that may be troubling you or difficult to comprehend. It can help you be more honest in a safe and nurturing environment to process and understand those difficult feelings and emotions that may be impacting your life presently. You might feel stuck; want to concentrate on a particular area of your life like relationships, work, family dynamics or might just want to learn how to create boundaries for yourself and learn skills for resilience. Whatever the case, psychotherapy helps you figure out what the challenges are and explore what might work best for you and for your situation.


My Services
We Provide Psychotherapy Counselling Edinburgh  

You may have been thinking of starting Therapy Edinburgh Services because there are some things that are hard for you to understand or to grasp. You may be at cross roads and dealing with difficult moments in your life. You want to make meaning of your experience, but filled with an overwhelming sense of grief, isolation, loss, pain, regret or anxious thoughts that never seem to go away. You find yourself emotionally receptive or easily moved to tears, without knowing why. You are constantly on edge, filled with dread or dealing with intrusive thoughts which feel strange and unlikely to you.

You may have experienced sexual/psychological/emotional abuse, which may have impacted your life negatively and have had no chance to talk about it or to make sense of what happened. You may find that getting into healthy relationships become difficult for you and may find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour which may be harmful to yourself and your partner/friendship groups. We

provide the best Relationship Counselling Edinburgh Services for healthy relationship.

You may have tried private therapist Edinburgh in the past or done a lot of different things to help you heal and to forge better relationships/change your patterns of behaviour, but nothing seems to work. Feeling stuck, could be your daily experience, leaving you frustrated or feeling out of place in the world. It might be difficult to trust someone just now because your trust has been broken in the past. We provide
the best services for counselling Edinburgh to heal your mental health.

All of these is okay, and your feelings are valid. We will work together to help you make sense of what's happened and to begin your journey towards healing. I will be alongside you, providing a warm, empathetic, congruent and non-judgemental space during our sessions. You can choose to have as many sessions as you want and we will review our work together as needs be to ensure that the work we are doing together meets your needs.BeeSan Psychotherapy offers personalised and compassionate support to individuals, students, and trainees provided by private therapist Edinburgh through these services.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment session is an opportunity to get to know you better, access your needs as you explain your reasons for seeking counselling services Edinburgh, know what your goals for counselling are and agree on the pace and length of therapy. It is different from subsequent sessions. Additionally, we will discuss the contract, boundaries, and the limitations of confidentiality.

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Individual Counselling

This is a joint process between a client and their private therapist Edinburgh. Common goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life. People may seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone. Individual therapy is also called therapy, psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, and counselling.   

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Single Session Therapy

Single-session therapy (SST) is a therapy that lasts for one session. And indeed, there are times when therapy does last for a single session. For example, there are occasions when the therapist and the client contract for a 'block' of therapy Edinburgh sessions, but the client only attends the first session. This is known as 'single-session therapy by default'.

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Student Counselling

BeeSan Psychotherapy and Counselling Services Edinburgh aim to help students deal with stress and anxiety while studying with the potential of becoming more self-aware as they attain their highest potentials. Although University life can be interesting, it can also be challenging especially if you are leaving home for the first time.


Thinking About
Starting Therapy Edinburgh Services?

Now that you are thinking of starting therapy, whether it is to discover yourself or to process your past trauma/complex trauma, the process can feel overwhelming. We will put you at ease by telling you about ourselves, how we work, getting to know you, answering any questions you may have about the process and see we are the right fit for you. All of this, we will do during our initial session. Therapy is about making a space for you to process, explore, wonder, and make meaning of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings even though they may be difficult to verbalize. Our role as your private therapist Edinburgh is to facilitate the process, bearing in mind the challenges inherent in starting therapy for the first time or even forming a new relationship with a stranger. Together we can walk and find our way through the grittiness while empowering you to achieve your goals for therapy. We also provide Counselling Services Edinburgh for Bereavement Counselling and PTSD Counselling , Anger Management Counselling, and Sexual Trauma Counselling with private psychologist Edinburgh.

If you feel ready to begin best services for Counselling Edinburgh, do get in touch with us to take your first step to better well-being.

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