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You may have been thinking of starting therapy because there are some things that are hard for you to understand or to grasp. You may be at cross roads and dealing with difficult moments in your life. You want to make meaning of your experience, but filled with an overwhelming sense of grief, isolation, loss, pain, regret or anxious thoughts that never seem to go away. You find yourself emotionally receptive or easily moved to tears, without knowing why. You are constantly on edge, filled with dread or dealing with intrusive thoughts which feel strange and unlikely to you.

You may have experienced sexual/psychological/emotional abuse, which may have impacted your life negatively and have had no chance to talk about it or to make sense of what happened. You may find that getting into healthy relationships become difficult for you and may find yourself repeating patterns of behaviour which may be harmful to yourself and your partner/friendship groups.

You may have tried therapy in the past or done a lot of different things to help you heal and to forge better relationships/change your patterns of behaviour, but nothing seems to work. Feeling stuck, could be your daily experience, leaving you frustrated or feeling out of place in the world. It might be difficult to trust someone just now because your trust has been broken in the past.

All of these is okay, and your feelings are valid. We will work together to help you make sense of what's happened and to begin your journey towards healing. We will be alongside you, providing a warm, empathetic, congruent and non-judgemental space during our sessions. You can choose to have as many sessions as you want and we will review our work together as needs be to ensure that the work we are doing together meets your needs.


Services Offered

We offer different services tailored to client's needs. Although we do not diagnose, we will aim to work with your own diagnosis where possible. 

Initial Assessment
Individual Counselling 
Single session Therapy
Student Counselling
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Services From Our Concessionary Counselling 

At BeeSan Psychotherapy and Counselling Services, we believe that Counselling should be available to everyone. Therefore, we offer a concessionary rate of £50 to those experiencing hardships at this point. If you think you will struggle to pay the fees, kindly get in touch ASAP as spaces are limited.

Counselling Trainee
Hugging a Pillow
Low-income Earners
Seniors Laughing
The Unemployed
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