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  Anxiety Counselling in Edinburgh

Anxiety edinburgh

About Services for Anxiety Counselling Edinburgh

What is Anxiety?

How do we know that we are suffering from Anxiety Disorder? You will find the answer to these questions here plus you will also be given the proper treatment by BeeSan Psychotherapy if you are going through an Anxiety disorder. Anxiety means a feeling of dread, uneasiness, and fear. The symptoms may be:

  • Sweating,

  • Restlessness

  • Feeling tense. 

Now, if you have an Anxiety disorder, the fear can be overwhelming and it won't be temporary. Anxiety Disorder is a condition in which your anxiety keeps getting worse and the symptoms of these can interfere with your daily life. 

There are several types of anxiety, for example,

  1. Panic Disorder 

  2. Phobias

  3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

  4. Social Anxiety Disorder

  5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

If you think that you are going through any type of anxiety disorder, then no worries as I am here to treat every type of anxiety and get you out it. Get in touch with BeeSan Psychotherapy to cure your Anxiety Edinburgh


About Our Anxiety Edinburgh Services.

You may want to consult about your problems and talk about what's going on with you. We are here to listen to you, to understand, and to help you get over the pain and suffering that you are going through. We will work with you to help you and give you a start to your journey of healing. We will provide you with either one of the following anxiety counselling services:

  •  Individual Anxiety Counselling-  It will be a joint process between you and your therapist. The common goal here will be to change, inspire and improve the quality of your life. This individual therapy is also known as talk therapy and psychosocial therapy.

  • Single Session Therapy- This is also known as SST and will last for 1 session and there will be times when it will be more than 1 session.

  • Student Counselling- This therapy will be for students who are going through stress and anxiety during studying. The main focus will be on that you become more self-aware as you accomplish your highest potential. 

  • Initial assessment- This will be an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better and figure out the reason and needs through our Anxiety Edinburgh counselling services. 


Why Choose us for Anxiety Edinburgh Services?

The reason why you should choose us for Anxiety Counseeling are mentioned below:

  • We have been suitably trained between the person-centred approach and the psychodynamic approach. 

  • Our primary belief is to build a relationship with you that will be completely therapeutic and in which you will be expected to remain grounded in openness and honesty which will lead to a mutual understanding and trust between you and us.

  • If you are going through a lot of trouble in forming new relationships and the thoughts of your past keep troubling you then you don't have to keep worrying about it as we will provide a fully empathic environment which will make you feel fully comfortable and you can share all your thoughts clearly without feeling anxious

  • We also provide psychotherapy services for Anger Management and PTSD Edinburgh.



1.Is Psychotherapy/Counselling  for me?


There are times when you are going through something that impacts your daily life and you need to sort that out before it gets worse. This is the time when you can start your therapeutic journey with best counselling Edinburgh. Let me help you with the things that you are going through.

2.How many sessions do I need for Anxiety Counselling?

We offer both short and long term psychotherapy, as it will depend on your needs and there will be a review after every 6 weeks.

3.How long does a session last?

Mostly, weekly sessions lasts about 50-60 minute. We also offer a 50 minute initial assessment session and afterwards 60 minutes anxiety counselling sessions which will offered on a weekly basis.

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